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Halloween Wine Dinner

Wednesday, October 30th, 6pm
$40 per guest
Raffle and Costume Contest!
Costumes Encouraged!

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Executive Chef John Odom's
Crawfish Étouffée

Featured Dish for Alabama Restaurant Week

½ lb crawfish tail meat
½ c green bell pepper (small dice)
½ c sweet onion (small dice)
¼ c celery (minced)
1 tbsp minced garlic
1 tbsp minced shallot

2 oz sliced green onion
Pinch minced herbs
Creole seasoning to taste
2 c crawfish stock
2 tbsp unsalted butter
¼ c steamed white rice
1 tsp all purpose flour


Prepare rice according to instructions on package. Season with salt to taste. Set aside. In medium skillet, melt butter until softened (8-10 minutes) over low heat. Add onions, peppers and celery to butter and cook until softened. Next, add crawfish meat, garlic, herbs and Creole seasoning. In separate bowl, combine flour and crawfish stock and whisk so there are no lumps. Allow the crawfish and vegetable mixture time to cook together until all flavors are combined, (5 minutes). Then, add crawfish stock and flour mixture to crawfish mixture. Reserve some crawfish stock in case sauce becomes too thick. Season with salt and pepper and serve over steamed white rice.

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